The Proposal!

On his knees he came to get the gal of his dreams, she was happy with his love ❤️ and gladly accepted! Come next June she will be his bride and the two of them will start to work really hard for the start of their family! Morning glory morning glory!🙏🐕♒️❤️💯✔️

Life Is!

A 3 ring circus 🎪 filled with the ups and downs of a carousel 🎠 going on and on and on and on it goes… With that verse the Blue 🪄 blew us away in the late 1970’s. Today on this Friday morning we just felt that a little Sideshow could never hurt Especially ifContinue reading “Life Is!”

A Friday Accounting 🌲 Ya Actions! An Artistic Appeal To The Senses. 🙏♒️🐕🥳🕺💃🇩🇴🎂❤️🙌🐠🦍👿🐟🖖✊🏿💪🎈Goliath? What ya heck! We don’t see his image around Do We?

Jesus Christ on the Cross is a classic rendering I humbly add mine.🙏🐕♒️ A Brave New World is an homage to Huxley Aldous while envisioning the future for the world view of Pan-Africanism!

And So What if I wish For Internet Wide Lovefest?

The idea of seeking unity with worldwide ramifications is not absurd to consider. President Trump has drained the Swamp but now we would like to fill it back up With Compassions and LISTENING 👂 EARS! Folks have to talk about the WHAT NEXT? Trump has shown what can happen. If he wins November I mayContinue reading “And So What if I wish For Internet Wide Lovefest?”