Why Do I Have Body Odor Now?

http://www.jidonline.org/article/S0022-202X(15)41198-4/fulltext Check out the article for ya self!🙏🐕♒️ Strangest thing for me as I never needed to use antiperspirant or deodorant but lately my right underarm smells bad. Thankfully it is my getting old causing the conondrum. Jajaja

The Nail Of Heaven.

Ascension to a greater height, evolved into our guardian angel overnight. Who knew the needs running through his mind rash decisions with no chance to edit the results. Jumping into the Abyss, 6 stories of tales no one will ever know! Tooken by him to his graveyard shift, 12 to 8 in the morning.Bal P.,Continue reading “The Nail Of Heaven.”